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Eastleigh Tree Surgeons (SO50) Hampshire: Adding substance, style and structure to what can at times be a two dimensional landscape, trees are a crucial feature of gardens and properties in Eastleigh. However, when trees have been neglected or have been affected by extreme weather events such as high winds or flooding, issues can develop. If you need to have work undertaken on your trees, it's the best option to consult an established tree surgeon in Eastleigh, for their advice and guidance before any work starts.

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Those in Eastleigh who try to do tree work by themselves, or by using non-qualified personnel may well cause a risk of damage to the trees, to property or to life. However, tree work is not altogether safe for trained tree surgeons, who are aware of all the dangers involved. On average there are a hundred and forty serious injuries and three deaths a year within the industry, making it among the most dangerous jobs in Britain and definitely not for novices to attempt.

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A damaged or poorly maintained tree can also pose a threat to life, with around five people a year being killed by falling branches and trees in the United Kingdom. You might be liable for any compensation to a third-party as a consequence of your actions, if you hire somebody to carry out tree work and subsequently there is an injury, or damage to property. The above are merely some of the reasons why it is imperative to use a competent tree surgeon to do the work on your trees in Eastleigh. (Figures sourced from HSE UK).

PICKING A TREE SURGEON IN EASTLEIGH - A trained tree surgeon in Eastleigh should be a signed up member of at least one of the two professional industry bodies found in the United Kingdom. The membership and professional status of any tree surgeon in Eastleigh can be checked on the websites of both the AA (Arboricultural Association) and the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). To discover whether any specific tree surgeon has recognised ARB Approved Contractor status and has membership of either of these organisations, you can check out this webpage.

If a problem crops up during the course of the work, or after it's been completed you'll be able to make contact with these trade associations for mediation and for help and advice.

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If anybody who you cannot find on this directory offers you a quotation, you should politely decline their offer of work and carry on with your search for an approved contractor. You should try and get a minimum of 3 quotes from different companies in Eastleigh once you're reassured of their professional memberships and accreditations. While acquiring these quotes you should ask the following questions, making it crystal clear that you need the answers because of the risks involved with tree work:

  • Can you give me a quotation in writing? Only ever accept a written quote. NEVER take a verbal quote only.
  • Do you have documentary proof of your professional membership, qualifications and a NPTC certificate for the use of a chainsaw? It's required by law that any worker/tree surgeon using a chainsaw must have a NPTC/LANTRA certificate. A competent Eastleigh tree surgeon will possibly hold Certificates and National Diplomas in Arboriculture.
  • What insurance cover is provided? Your tree surgeon should be able to produce an insurance certificate covering at the least five million pounds public liability, as recommended by the ISA and AA.
  • Is It Possible To contact a recent person who you have worked for so that I can inspect the quality of your tree work? Independently checking any recent work is always sensible.

The written quote that you are given must include easily followed details of the planned tree work. It should mention who is responsible for the removal of waste, tree branches and stumps, and should also include information on any trees which might be protected, and the steps required to get permission to work on them. You should also ensure that VAT is included on the quotation unless you're a commercial enterprise. It's crucial that only qualified people are employed to work on your trees and property, and this is entirely down to you. This is stated by the "Common law duty of care responsibilities and sometimes liabilities under the Occupier's Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984."

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PRIOR TO WORK - Checking whether any of your trees are protected, your chosen Eastleigh tree surgeon should make sure that any tree work can get the go-ahead from the appropriate local authorities. Finding a tree has got protected status does not signify that work can't be carried out, as even protected trees require maintenance in order to cut back old or damaged wood and ensure public safety.

A minimum of six weeks written notice must be given to the Local Planning Authority prior to any work being carried out, if your property in Eastleigh is inside a conservation area. However, tree trunks of less than 75mm in diameter when measured at 1.5 metres from the ground are free from this requirement. If the pruning or thinning of a protected tree's branches is needed in order to sustain and promote growth, written notice is also not necessary.

Tree Surgery Eastleigh (SO50)

After completing a full assessment of your trees health, your chosen Eastleigh tree surgeon will determine the remedial treatment needed and how best and safely to achieve the required outcome. Where there is any potential for falling debris and branches, a full risk assessment will have to be performed on public spaces, your property, and parts of a neighbour's property that could be affected. This stage will also determine the quantity of workers required and the level of protection needed. To keep property and the general public safe from harm or damage, this will include both personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety precautions.

ON THE DAY OF WORK - To keep unauthorised persons away from the area of work, barriers and safety measures will be put in place before any cutting of branches, tree felling or climbing begins. Traffic may need to be temporarily stopped if there's any threat of falling debris into a public road.

Varying levels of protection will be needed by the tree surgeon subject to what tree work needs to be executed. At the bare minimum they will be wearing protective clothing to prevent cutting injuries to the legs, hands and torso, when working with a chainsaw. Head and eye protection, and high visibility clothing, must be worn by all workers involved in the operation.

Climbing equipment and ladders will need to be deployed if any working at height is involved, and to help with the removal of high branches and pieces of tree trunk, additional operatives will be needed. A skip or other method of transporting the waste away will be parked as close to the work area as possible, therefore it's a good idea to inform your next door neighbours of the need for unhindered access.

UPON COMPLETION OF WORK - When the tree work has been accomplished all of the branches and waste can be transported away and the site cleared of all debris. Particularly where the trees are covered by TPOs, a certificate of work done will then be prepared by your tree surgeon, which will be signed off and a copy presented to you. Footpaths and highways can then be re-opened to the public, and any safety measures places in public areas taken away.

Problems or issues should be fixed immediately by approaching your tree surgeon directly. If your tree surgeon is an approved member of a professional body, you can obtain help and guidance from the AA or the ISA so as to come to an acceptable conclusion, if any further arbitration is required.

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Locally based Eastleigh tree surgeons are likely to have the postcode SO50 and the telephone dialling code 023. They'll operate in Eastleigh itself, as well as nearby areas like Otterbourne, Portswood, Chilworth, Fair Oak, North Baddesley, Bishopstoke, Fishers Pond, Rownhams, Shawford, West End, Ampfield, Horton Heath, Chandlers Ford, Colden Common, Shirley, and these postcodes: SO50 4HZ, SO50 0FF, SO50 4FL, SO50 0FG, SO50 0HS, SO50 4DF, SO50 4BZ, SO50 4GB, SO50 0GN, SO50 0JS. Checking this will confirm you're accessing a local tree surgeon. Eastleigh property owners are able to utilise these and lots of other similar services.

If you need this sort of service it is definitely advisable to hire a certified local tree surgeon. Eastleigh householders can benefit from the skills and knowledge that a seasoned professional can offer.

Tree Transplanting Eastleigh

Tree Transplanting Eastleigh (023)

Transplanting trees and moving them to other areas has become a fairly straightforward process with the introduction of tractor mounted tree spades and other nifty tree lifting equipment. Removing a tree from your land no longer means you have to resort to cutting it down and digging out the roots; a specialist tree removal company in Eastleigh can remove and re-plant even fully developed trees and restore the ground afterwards.

Moving trees in Eastleigh can be executed at any time of year, but during the warmer months the soaking of the surrounding soil becomes particularly crucial so as to cause the minimum amount of stress on the tree's root system. Transplanting an adult tree involves a mechanical spade digging down and encompassing the root-ball, before raising the whole tree, unscathed, from the earth. The uplifted tree is then ready to be moved to its new location for transplanting, or left in temporary storage until it is ready to be replanted.

Even protected trees can be moved and transplanted by a certified tree moving contractor in Eastleigh, provided that all appropriate authorisations and preservation orders are given by the woodland organisations and authorities. (Tags: Tree Transplanting Eastleigh, Tree Replanting Eastleigh, Tree Moving Eastleigh).

Eco-Plugging Tree Stumps Eastleigh

If you have large tree stumps in your garden that need to be removed, the common technique that's used by most Eastleigh tree surgeons is stump grinding. However, these days "eco-plugging" is recognised as a less costly solution to this issue. It's not merely the point that eco-plugging is cheaper that makes it an attractive method for stump removal, but also that it can be utilised in awkward and inaccessible locations which might be difficult to get at with bulky stump grinding machines.

An incredibly effective treatment for eliminating tree stumps, eco-plugging doesn't affect the surrounding vegetation and trees. Eco-plugs destroy the whole root system of the stump and can be employed throughout the year and in any weather. Containing a form of crystalline glyphosate herbicide which is suitable for treating a wide selection of tree species, eco-plugs work efficiently in 95% to 100% of cases. (Tags: Eco-Plug Treatment Eastleigh, Eco-Plugs Eastleigh, Eco-Plugging Tree Stump Removal Eastleigh, Eco-Plugging Eastleigh).

Ash Dieback

Expected to wipe out close to eighty percent of the current UK ash trees, over the next few years, ash dieback is a highly infectious fungal disease of ash trees, the first case of which was documented in Britain in 2012. Already having a similarly calamitous effect on the beautiful British countryside as Dutch Elm Disease, ash dieback is just another huge setback for the United Kingdom's tree stocks.

Trees of the Fraxinus genus are affected by this highly destructive disease, which has a particularly disastrous effect on the common ash (Fraxinus excelsior), which is the most widespread species in the UK. Believed to have originated in eastern Asia where the native species of ash (the Manchurian ash and the Chinese ash) were more resistant, the fungus which causes ash dieback is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it blocks its vascular systems, causing it to die.

Dispersed by minute spores that blow on the wind, produced by the fruiting bodies of the fungus, and can travel for many miles, ash dieback has now spread to most regions of Britain.

The noticeable symptoms of ash dieback are:

  • Dark brown lesions (often diamond shaped) form where branches meet with the trunk, and the inner bark under the lesions looks brownish grey.
  • New shoots and leaves that are visibly dying during the growing season.
  • New growth appears from previously dormant buds (epicormic growth).
  • Leaves developing dark patches during mid to late summer.
  • Foliage that wilts, turns black and falls prematurely.

Ash trees have the ability to fight off the disease to some degree, but ultimately die from sustained attacks, year-after-year. Currently there's no obvious procedure for stopping the spread of aash dieback, and there is no effective treatment.

While the "Tree Alert Service" provided by the Forestry Commission is presently only interested in cases reported in new locations where ash dieback has not previously been recorded, if you're anxious about an ash tree on your property in Eastleigh, you should contact a local arborist or tree surgeon to verify that you are correct in your diagnosis and suggest an effective solution.

Tree Surveys Eastleigh

There are a number of reasons why you might need to have a tree survey conducted, and the most commonplace is for development or property extension. As set out by BS5837 British Standards, if you happen to be clearing a piece of land to prepare for the building of an extension to an existing property or a brand new home in Eastleigh, and there are trees on that land, you will need to carry out a professional tree survey. All surveys on trees should be undertaken by an accredited tree surgeon or arborist, regardless of whether they're being undertaken on public or private property in Eastleigh.

A whole bunch of information will be gleaned about all of the trees within the area specified. For instance:

  • The age of the trees (i.e. young, semi-mature, mature, over-mature and veteran).
  • The height of each tree in metres.
  • The allocation of a unique reference number for every tree.
  • The spread of branches to the South, North, West and East.
  • The existence of any TPOs.
  • Tree management guidelines.
  • The physiological and structural health of the trees.
  • The diameter of each tree (taken 1.5m above the ground).
  • The species of each tree (either scientific or common).
  • The number of trees (those of more than 75mm diameter 1.5m from ground level).
  • The life expectancy of the trees.

You probably won't need to carry out a tree survey if you are altering an existing property or home in Eastleigh but you're not increasing the building's footprint and aren't modifying the access points or service lines. (Tags: Tree Surveys Eastleigh, Tree Surveyors Eastleigh, Tree Survey Eastleigh, Eastleigh Tree Surveys).

Protecting Trees & Shrubs in the Wintertime

Protecting your trees and shrubs in winter is possibly something that you haven't thought too much about, maybe assuming that the winters in the British Isles aren't generally harsh enough to warrant this. In actual fact, even shrubs, trees and plants that we generally consider to be hardy, will benefit from some added protection during the colder winter months.

Of course where trees are involved it's high winds that can be the biggest problem and although most trees will already have shed their leaves come winter, they might still suffer damage in windy conditions. If the weather in Eastleigh has been windy, and a tree on your property seems to be weakened or at risk of toppling over, it's a good idea to bring in a tree surgeon to assess whether any action is necessary. Heavy snowfall can also lead to broken branches, so keep your eyes open when these sorts of weather conditions are expected. In the height of winter, your shrubs and trees may need a bit of protection from ice and frost. Laying a thick covering of mulch around the bases of the stems will enable them to continue absorbing moisture and stop the surrounding soil from freezing.

Tree Cable Bracing Eastleigh

A procedure that is employed to offer support to a tree when it's showing signs of decay or damage or is a risk to nearby property or persons, cable bracing can be highly helpful in the right circumstances. When older or valued trees in Eastleigh are concerned, cable bracing is generally used where it is undesirable to fell a tree or remove large sections that are unstable.

A cable bracing system can be installed for adding support to V-shaped forks, weak limbs and poor joints. Undertaking various forms of bracing work, a skilled tree care specialist will be able to use cables and rods to help alleviate structural stress, and hopefully prolong the life of valuable trees in Eastleigh.

The goal of cable bracing is to offer a non-invasive method of support which doesn't damage the tree by having to drill and bolt the branches, and one that is is flexible and shock-absorbing. A risk assessment must be conducted by an arborist of tree surgeon before any cable bracing work can be undertaken. This is vital to guarantee the safety of the tree and adjacent areas as the work progresses. (Tags: Cable Bracing Techniques Eastleigh, Cable Bracing Trees Eastleigh, Tree Cable Bracing Eastleigh, Cable Bracing Eastleigh).

Firewood and Logs Eastleigh

Firewood Logs Eastleigh

Tree surgeons can be an excellent source for logs or firewood in Eastleigh, if you happen to be wanting to buy this commodity. As felling trees and lopping off branches is part of their daily schedule, this is an obvious sideline for an enterprising tree surgeon.

Recently felled branches and logs are frequently offered "free to collector" from some Eastleigh tree surgeons, who are just happy to get shot of them. Other local tree surgeons, who have enough room to store them, will season and dry out the logs and sell them off by the bag, tonne or lorry load, and will often even deliver them to your home.

Chucking "wet" logs on your wood burner or open fire isn't a good idea, and will create a lot of smoke and clog up your flue. You should only use logs that have been left to dry for a minimum of twelve months and have a moisture level of 20% or less. The advantage of getting logs from tree surgeons, is that these are likely to be mostly hardwood logs, that will last and throw out heat for 3 or 4 hours, giving a long, sustained burn. Softwood logs are fantastic for getting a fire going, therefore if you can get hold of some of these too, that would be useful.

Tree Emergencies Eastleigh

Having to call out a tree surgeon in an emergency is not an occurrence which is likely to arise very frequently, but if you've got sizeable trees growing in your Eastleigh garden, this could be a requirement at some point. Some tree surgeons in Eastleigh provide a 24 hour service, and when there are strong winds and gales, they generally notice an increase in emergency calls. The likelihood of damage or injury is higher during gusty weather, with branches snapping off and plunging to the ground below, and sometimes even entire trees collapsing. Avoidance is definitely preferable to having to tackle the consequences, and commonplace issues that can result from plummeting tree limbs and branches include squashed sheds, smashed greenhouses, broken garden furniture and damaged fences.

Emergency tree surgeons will also occasionally be essential to the local council in the Eastleigh area, because large branches sometimes break off and fall onto railway tracks, highways and public walkways, necessitating rapid attention.

There may be a need for "re-balancing" a tree, even after emergency tree work has been successfully carried out, because due to the loss of some large branches, there could be an uneven weight distribution, which could be hazardous but also aesthetically displeasing. For all these problems, you should call up a local Eastleigh tree surgeon who provides emergency tree care services, and they will deal with all of this for you. You should also be able to obtain emergency tree services in Otterbourne, Portswood, Chilworth, Fair Oak, North Baddesley, Bishopstoke, Fishers Pond, Rownhams, Shawford, West End, Ampfield, Horton Heath, Chandlers Ford, Colden Common, Shirley, and Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Tree Removal Eastleigh

Tree Removal Eastleigh

If your tree is diseased/infected, the tree is damaged, the tree presents a safety risk, your tree is hampering a new development, you've got a dying/dead tree, your tree is too big for its environment or the tree roots are damaging foundations/retaining walls, then you may have a legitimate reason for felling a tree. Otherwise the removal of a tree should be the final resort, seeing that trees are in most cases an attractive and beneficial element of the garden. Numerous individuals in Eastleigh would like to take out trees to reduce the nuisance of fallen leaves in winter or get a more pleasing view, this isn't necessary and should really only take place if the issue is extreme. (Tags: Tree Felling Eastleigh, Removing Trees Eastleigh, Tree Removal Eastleigh)

Coming Soon: Tree pruning Eastleigh.

Leave a Review for a Job Well Done

Reviews are the driving force for any business in Eastleigh, and an exceptional online review or testimonial can mean the difference between a possible customer hiring a company, or going with someone else. If someone has done a good job for you, it's only right and proper that you should leave them a nice review, and let others know how they did. This has significant benefits for both the company itself and for potential customers who might be thinking about using them. Cast your mind back to when you were trying to find someone to do your work and how reviews helped you decide. Without those customer reviews, you may well have looked at other providers, even if a certain company website seemed to be really professional and convincing.

Leaving a Review

However, when so called customer reviews are plainly displayed on a business's website, can you really have faith that they are authentic? Are these reviews written by actual clients who were happy with the services they received, or were they penned by a company employee?

Checking out the reviews on Google My Business listings is an easy way to look for genuine and sincere reviews online. For establishing a business's reputation, this is THE review website which is trusted throughout the world, and the search engine ranking positions of a company website can also be affected by the reviews given. When aiming to leave reviews for local services and companies in Eastleigh, the 2nd largest review website is Bing Places for Business, which is Google My Business's key rival. Helping to boost the profile of the company that successfully worked on your tree surgery project, leaving a review here can furthermore generate an overview of their standards and dependability. Equally as effective is leaving testimonials on Facebook and Twitter pages relating to your company. These social media sites will form a key part of any small business's media and marketing activities. Adding your own positive review will go some way to strengthening their message, and can help other people who are hunting for services of a similar nature.

Of course you can go 'traditional' and create a hand-written letter of thanks. Letters such as this can be framed for display in reception areas, compiled to form a portfolio of reviews which is beneficial in face to face meetings with potential clients, or scanned and uploaded to the reviews page of the business website or Instagram account. As soon as you've composed your review, regardless which method you use, you will feel good in the knowledge that you did your bit to raise the profile of a small local business and help them to grow and prosper.

Tree Surgery Tasks Eastleigh

Tree Surgery Tasks Eastleigh UK

Eastleigh tree surgeons can usually help with airspading Eastleigh, damaged tree cutting and removal in Eastleigh, tree cutting, crown reduction, crown lifting, formative pruning Eastleigh, hedge planting, staking, retrenchment pruning, fruit tree pruning in Eastleigh, hedge reduction, damage restoration, hazard assessments, tree topping in Eastleigh, root grinding, landscape clearance, tree fertilising, tree lightening protection Eastleigh, tree care services in Eastleigh, tree lopping, vegetation management Eastleigh, stump grinding Eastleigh, crown removal in Eastleigh, forestry management, stump removal, shielding trees from grazing animals, shrub maintenance, crown thinning, tree planning, eco-plugging, safety inspections Eastleigh, crown cleaning, tree bracing, tree surveys Eastleigh, coppicing Eastleigh and other tree surgeon services in Eastleigh, Hampshire. These are just a small portion of the duties that are conducted by a local tree surgeon. Eastleigh providers will let you know their full range of services.

Tree Surgery Courses - Training - Apprenticeships Eastleigh

Tree Surgery Training - Courses - Apprenticeships Eastleigh

For those who love the outdoor life, going into employment in something like tree surgery can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. There are a number of ways that you can get started in tree surgery including signing up for a private course, enrolling for a college course, commencing at the bottom (as a groundworker) and working your way up, gaining a tree surgery apprenticeship or taking a university course. Tree surgery apprenticeships in Eastleigh can be applied for while you're still at school, where they are available locally. All over the British Isles, there are private courses and college courses in tree surgery, and people of all ages can enroll. University courses cover various related sectors including countryside management, forest management, woodland conservation & ecology, forestry and arboriculture, with foundation degrees, higher national diplomas and degrees available to those with the appropriate qualifications (usually one to three "A" levels). If none of the options above take your fancy, it might be possible to attain some tree care experience by undertaking voluntary work for groups and organisations like the Woodland Trust, the Tree Council, the National Trust or the Forestry Commission. If you got here seeking details on "how to become a tree surgeon in Eastleigh", we hope this article has proven to be helpful. The National Careers Service website is the place to head in order to read far more information on how best to become a tree surgeon. (Tags: Tree Surgery Training Eastleigh, Tree Surgery Apprenticeships Eastleigh, Tree Surgery Courses Eastleigh)

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Tree Surgeons Near Eastleigh: Also find: Horton Heath tree surgeons, Otterbourne tree surgeons, Fishers Pond tree surgeons, Shirley tree surgeons, Bishopstoke tree surgeons, Portswood tree surgeons, West End tree surgeons, Shawford tree surgeons, Ampfield tree surgeons, Rownhams tree surgeons, North Baddesley tree surgeons, Fair Oak tree surgeons, Chandlers Ford tree surgeons, Chilworth tree surgeons, Colden Common here. All of these villages and towns are covered by a professional tree surgeon. Eastleigh business and home owners can get price quotes by clicking here.

Hampshire Tree Surgeons

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In the Hampshire area you can additionally find: Rowlands Castle tree care, Marchwood tree care services, Dibden Purlieu tree care, Gosport tree surgeons, Alton tree surgeon, Chineham tree management, Sandleheath tree care services, Soberton tree care services, Froxfield tree care services, Netley Marsh tree surgeons, Swanmore tree management, Bishopstoke tree care services, Southsea tree management, Alton tree surgeon, Chilbolton tree surgery, Wickham tree surgeon, Tadley tree surgeon, Ringwood tree care, Blackfield tree care, Meonstoke tree care services, Netley tree management, Romsey tree care services, Michelmersh tree management, Hook tree care services, Overton tree management, Boldre tree care, Fawley tree surgeons, Bentley tree care services, Bishopstoke tree care, Hursley tree surgery. In every area of Hampshire you'll be able to find tree surgeons who will provide you with high quality services for all your tree care requirements. If you cannot identify the perfect tree surgeon in Eastleigh itself you should not have any trouble locating a good one someplace nearby.

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Tree Surgeons Around Eastleigh: Throughout the year, householders in these Eastleigh locations have enquired about tree surgery: Sandringham Close, Bracken Crescent, Abbotsbury Road, Donnington Drive, Sedgwick Road, Cotsalls, Badger Close, Charnwood Gardens, Barford Close, Durley Road, Arthur Road, Station Lane, The Recess, Selwyn Gardens, Brasher Close, Scotter Road, Cedar Road, Carne Close, Burnetts Gardens, St Marks Close, Allington Lane, Bramley Gardens, Treloyhan Close, Anfield Close, Sherwood Road, Craven Road, Collins Close, Burns Close, Tichborne Road, and in these postcodes SO50 4HZ, SO50 0FF, SO50 4FL, SO50 0FG, SO50 0HS, SO50 4DF, SO50 4BZ, SO50 4GB, SO50 0GN, SO50 0JS. These areas recently saw activity by a qualified tree surgeon. Eastleigh business and home owners received high quality and reliable tree surgery services on each occasion.

To find out local Eastleigh information take a look here

Tree Surgery SO50 area, (dialling code 023).

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