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Leamington Spa Tree Surgeons (CV31): We all love to look at trees, and having trees in our garden is an added bonus for offering pleasant shade on a hot summers day, for adding beauty and colour and for providing a home for wildlife. But, to balance the good points about trees, there are also downsides. Trees can become way too large for our gardens in Leamington Spa. Trees can become diseased and unhealthy. Trees can get damaged by wind and gales. If you are having issues with your trees in Leamington Spa, the person to contact is a tree surgeon.

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Who you going to call? A tree surgeon! - Tree surgeons in Leamington Spa play an important role in the general care and maintenance of trees for a wide variety of both domestic and commercial customers. There are innumerable examples of services that a tree surgeon in Leamington Spa will be able to provide: inspections and hazard assessments, tree felling, the pruning of intrusive, weakened or dead branches, safe tree planting, along with general tree care.

Professional Tree Surgeon Leamington Spa Warwickshire

However, the job of a tree surgeon does not finish with trees. Such things as hedge pruning and maintenance, shrub care and stump removal, are amongst the other responsibilities of a tree surgeon in Leamington Spa. If you've any reservations about a tree's structural integrity, the best person to get in touch with is a tree surgeon, as they are easily able to appraise and prepare a full report on the hazards, and give advice on what to do next.

Any intelligent person in Leamington Spa would realise that tree surgery is a highly risky occupation, and that it shouldn't be tackled by somebody who is not properly trained. Although bypassing the costs and going with the do-it-yourself approach might appear tempting, this would certainly not be a wise decision. To be able to undertake this kind of work, tree surgeons have to be experienced, physically fit and qualified.

Often, tree surgery will involve the use of dangerous chainsaws and power tools whilst hanging from a harness in the tree and high up in the air. So, you can see why it is not an activity for novices! To complete a tree surgery project, a team of tree surgeons who are all experts in their field, will normally be involved, and this is likely to include both a ground crew and climbers. It would be impossible for any untrained individual to rival this level of risk assessment, experience and competence to execute the work.

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The first step following deciding that you need the assistance of a tree surgeon is identifying a trustworthy one in Leamington Spa. But, what's the best way to accomplish this? Well, exploring such things as cost, qualifications and experience should set you on the right track. Below, we will be looking at a few of the things that you should look for when appointing a tree surgeon in Leamington Spa.

To dispel any doubts that they are competent and correctly trained, you first of all need to check that they've got the necessary certifications. The governing body that issues certifications to tree surgeons is the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC). Any reputable tree surgeon in Leamington Spa should have the following qualifications as a bare minimum requirement:

  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing & rescue.
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Operate a chainsaw from rope & harness.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell and process trees up to 380mm.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw crosscut and maintenance.

Having such certifications both shows that they've got a good level of training, and provides you with the peace of mind that the task will be carried out in a successful and safe manner, despite the fact that there is no legal requirement for tree surgeons to hold such qualifications. As there's constantly a risk of falling from considerable height, and a chance of life threatening injuries, it's essential that arborists, forestry workers and tree surgeons carry a comprehensive First Aid kit, and undergo some training in First Aid techniques.

Getting a few price quotes will be the next step, along with checking the breakdown of costs. It is advisable to get 3 or 4 quotes from different tree surgeons in the Leamington Spa area. You might notice that the removal of the vast amount of waste normally produced by tree surgery and maintenance will sometimes not be included in the costs quoted. It's certainly easier to get the tree surgeons to remove this themselves if possible, since removing such waste can be extremely inconvenient and costly.

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Also, be prepared to ask potential tree surgeons loads of key questions when you meet up with them. You will, for example, need to know who is going to be doing the job, and who will be working on your property. Will it involve one tree surgeon or a gang of people? Is it possible to meet with them before work begins? What will be the method for removing your tree? What's the timeframe for the work? What impact will it have on my neighbours/my home?

To avoid any nasty surprises further down the line, ask as many questions as you like.

Tree Surgery Leamington Spa (CV31)

Also, listen carefully to how your tree surgeon speaks and what they say. More specifically, listen carefully to how they describe the work, since this can be helpful for evaluating their standards of expertise and professionalism prior to work commencing. Even if you know very little about tree surgery, you can often tell when someone knows what they are talking about, and the kind of term that should set the alarm bells ringing is 'topping and lopping', which is a fairly outdated expression, more closely associated with rogue traders and cowboys. More correct terminology like 'crown lifting', 'crown reduction', 'dead wooding', 'crown thinning' and 'pruning', will trip off the tongue of a tree surgeon in Leamington Spa who's experienced, fully trained and professional. Whilst this alone should not be seen as proof of ability, in terms of the expertise of your tree surgeon, it can certainly be a valuable clue.

To summarise, when you're thinking about tree care or tree surgery in Leamington Spa, it is always worth considering a number of tree surgeons for your needs. This should help you to find the best person for the task, and one that will make certain all your needs are fully catered to in a pre-agreed timescale, and with safety at the forefront of their mind.

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Locally based Leamington Spa tree surgery services are most likely have the postcode CV31 and the telephone dialling code 01926. They will work in Leamington Spa itself, together with nearby areas such as Warwick, Cubbington, Radford Semele, Lillington, Bishops Tachbrook, Whitnash, Sydenham, Blackdown, Leek Wootton, Heathcote, Milverton, Hunningham, Weston under Wetherley, Ufton, Offchurch, and these postcodes: CV31 1JY, CV31 1LS, CV31 1AL, CV31 1PE, CV31 1JS, CV31 1EY, CV31 1NW, CV31 1DH, CV31 1EP, CV31 1FU. Checking this out can guarantee that you're accessing a local tree surgeon. Leamington Spa home and business owners will be able to utilise these and various other related services.

For this sort of assistance it's certainly a good idea to bring in a certified tree surgeon. Leamington Spa home and property owners can benefit greatly from the skills and expertise offered by a fully trained professional.

A Tree Surgeons's Daily Tasks

  • Tree planting and transplanting.
  • Cut and chip branches and logs.
  • Evaluate the health of trees and formulate treatment plans.
  • Be proficient with power tools and machinery.
  • Fell and remove trees and perform stump grinding.
  • Maintain and service equipment like chainsaws and chippers.
  • Produce on-site or telephone quotations with the clients.
  • Identify dangers presented by trees.
  • Prepare tree survey reports for domestic and commercial customers.
  • Climb trees to remove or prune branches.
  • Tidy up work area upon completion and remove waste from customer's site.
  • Deal with clients and complete administration tasks.

Firewood and Logs Leamington Spa

Firewood Logs Leamington Spa

Tree surgeons can be a great source for logs and firewood in Leamington Spa, if you are wanting to buy this particular commodity. This is not really surprising, as tree surgeons spend most of their time chopping down trees and branches.

Recently felled branches and logs are frequently offered "free to collector" from some Leamington Spa tree surgeons, who are just glad to get shot of them. Other local tree surgeons, with enough space to store them, will season and dry out the logs and sell them by the bag or tonne, and will sometimes even deliver them for you.

Logs which have been left to dry for at least twelve months are perfect for burning on your open fire or log burner, and they should preferably have a moisture level of below 20 percent. Tree surgeons in Leamington Spa will typically have stocks of assorted hardwood logs and these are terrific for a long, sustained burn that will generate heat for several hours. If you are also able to lay your hands on a few softwood logs, these are superb for getting a fire started, and onto which you can toss your seasoned hardwood logs once the fire is blazing. (Tags: Firewood Leamington Spa, Firewood Logs Leamington Spa, Softwood Firewood Leamington Spa, Firewood and Logs Leamington Spa).

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Leamington Spa

If you have a requirement for specialised services like stump grinding in Leamington Spa, making sure you use a company with the appropriate knowhow and gear is important. The very best Leamington Spa tree surgeons will understand that all remnants of the tree stump needs to be taken out down to a depth of at least a foot. Grinding down stubborn roots and stumps very close to walls and structures while avoiding damage, can only be done if your tree surgeon has access to the proper machinery. The right machinery can also easily handle any tree stumps tucked away in narrow passageways and alleys. If you are removing a big tree the resulting stump may be quite enormous and regardless of what you are going to use the space for afterwards, there's a fair chance the leftover stump will have to be extracted far below the surface. (Tags: Stump Grinding Leamington Spa, Tree Stump Grinding Leamington Spa, Stump Removal Leamington Spa)

Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus)

A lethal fungal disease of ash trees that was first documented in Britain in 2012, ash dieback is likely to wipe out close to 80% of the current ash trees. Having a similarly calamitous effect on the British countryside as Dutch Elm Disease, ash dieback is just another huge blow to the United Kingdom's tree stocks.

Ash dieback has an especially devastating effect on the native Fraxinus excelsior (common ash), British Fraxinus excelsior (common ash), although it actually affects the entire Fraxinus genus of trees, which have varying degrees of tolerance. Originally coming from Asia where the native Chinese ash (Fraxinus chinensis) and Manchurian ash (Fraxinus mandshurica) are less susceptible to it, the fungus which causes ash dieback is known as Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it kills the tree by obstructing its water transport (vascular) systems.

Already present in most regions of the United Kingdom, ash dieback is dispersed by wind blown spores produced by the fruiting bodies of the fungus, and are able to travel for tens of miles.

Ash dieback affects trees of all ages and has symptoms such as:

  • New growth appears from previously dormant buds (epicormic growth).
  • Foliage that wilts, turns black in colour and falls early.
  • Dark brown necrotic lesions form where limbs join the trunk.
  • Leaves developing dark patches during the summertime.
  • Dying leaves and shoots that are visible during the summertime.

Sometimes ash trees can combat early infections of the disease, but as it returns year after year, they ultimately succumb. Since it is an airborne disease there is no apparent strategy for stopping its spread, and no recognised cure for chalara ash dieback.

If you believe you have identified a tree suffering from ash dieback on your property in Leamington Spa, or somewhere else in the local community, you can report it to the "Tree Alert Service" provided by the Forestry Commission, although ash dieback is so common throughout the British Isles that they are only really interested to know about cases found in locations not previously affected. You should however speak to a local tree surgeon, who'll offer guidance about how to proceed.

Trees affected - the genus Fraxinus.

(Tags: Identifying Ash Dieback, Ash Dieback Symptoms, Ash Dieback Leamington Spa).

Dutch Elm Disease

Although Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) isn't quite the problem that it once was, over the last fifty years or so it has wiped out tens of millons of precious elm trees throughout the UK. Inadvertently introduced into the United Kingdom from Canada in the 1960s, Dutch Elm Disease is spread by the elm bark beetle (Scolytus) and caused by a fungus called Ophiostoma novo-ulmi.

Its rapid spread was ascribed mainly to elm products such as saplings, bark mulch, elm crates, and firewood logs with the bark still attached, being moved throughout the United Kingdom. Believed to have originated from Asia (probably Japan), Dutch Elm Disease didn't just affect trees in Britain, but also devastated the stocks of elm trees in continental Europe, North America and New Zealand.

The symptoms of Dutch Elm disease usually appear first in early summer, and can be recognised by:

  • Foliage that turns yellow, wilts and falls.
  • Twigs turning into a "shepherd's crook".
  • Affected shoots dying back from the tips.
  • Twigs with dark streaks underneath the bark.

The spread of this disease has been slowed down by the felling of dead, dying and infected trees, which has in essence decimated the favourite habitat of the elm bark beetle. New plants have also been successfully propagated from trees that have proved to be resistant up to now.

If you've got elms in your garden in Leamington Spa, and suspect that they may be infected with Dutch Elm Disease, you should get in touch with your local tree surgeon for advice, or request a diagnosis from the Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service.

(Tags: Dutch Elm Disease Leamington Spa, Symptoms of Dutch Elm Disease, Spotting Dutch Elm Disease).

Wood Chipping Leamington Spa

Wood Chipping Leamington Spa

Most Leamington Spa tree surgeons will use wood chipping machinery to process the smaller tree limbs and branches that are generated by their work. Subject to which equipment is being used, these awesome wood chipping systems can gobble up as much as forty tonnes of material each hour, although around five tons each hour can be processed by the more commonly used models.

Chopping down the tree branches in this way makes them easier to transport and also provides a valuable by-product that can be used for a whole host of things such as, ecosystem restoration, wood pulp, garden pathways, mulching gardens, landscaping, weed prevention, biomass fuel and mushroom cultivation.

Most Leamington Spa tree surgeons will be very happy to let you keep the wood chips which have been created during the tree work, if you've got a use for them, otherwise they will generally take them away to use on other landscaping projects. As I am sure you'll appreciate by reading this post, tree surgeons are the best source for wood chips that you can use for various purposes in your garden in Leamington Spa, whether you actually need tree surgery or not. Certain tree surgeons will be willing to let you have wood chippings free, others may charge, particularly if you want them delivered.

Forest Master, T-Mech, Timberwolf and Forst, are among the best known makes of wood chipping equipment.

Removing Tree Stumps Leamington Spa

When you have a tree chopped down and removed from your garden in Leamington Spa, unless previously agreed with the tree surgery company, you will likely be left with a tree stump to contend with. You may be thinking about using the stump as a garden seat for instance, and may be happy to leave it in position until it eventually rots away. However, tree stumps can be an eyesore, can attract harmful pests, and be a trip hazard for your family.

Stump grinding and stump removal are the 2 primary choices, if you do decide to get rid of the tree stump completely. In the next couple of paragraphs we will be looking at the stump removal option as opposed to stump grinding.

There are basically 3 main approaches that you can use to remove a tree stump - you can chemically treat it, you can burn it or you can dig it out by hand. If it's your intention to undertake the tree stump removal by yourself, any one of these techniques could be an option. If you're hiring a tree surgeon in Leamington Spa, they will usually suggest the previously mentioned stump grinding option.

Digging Out a Stump by Hand: Digging by hand is fairly straightforward and involves digging down, cutting all the roots, and releasing the stump. You might need to use a cable ratchet winch for lifting out the stump. This is extremely hard graft and is not for the unfit or faint-hearted.

Tree Stump Removal by Burning: Since it may conflict with local laws and can definitely be dangerous, stump burning is not really a recommended course of action. If you choose this method, extreme care must be taken. A number of holes will need to be drilled in the stump, and over a period of several days continually topped up with vegetable oil. Charcoal is then heaped around the stump and set alight. This should never then be left to its own devices, but be monitored continually. Once the stump has finished burning, ensure that the fire is completely out, let it cool down and then dig out the roots and burnt stump remains.

There are various other stump burning strategies, such as digging a hole under the stump and setting a fire in the hollowed-out root bowl. None of these stump burning methods should even be considered if the stump is in close proximity to other trees, buildings or fences.

Chemical Stump Removal: A powerful chemical liquid like Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Vitax SBK Stump Killer, will be required if you opt to proceed down the chemical treatment route. You must always read and follow the instructions closely for applications, timings and quantities for these chemicals, and be aware that they are toxic and sometimes flammable. This should be seen as a long term stump removal solution, as it could take quite a few weeks to rot away, depending on its dimensions. It will still need to be chopped up and removed with an axe and spade once it has completely rotted.

Pollarding Leamington Spa

Tree Pollarding Leamington Spa

Pollarding is mainly conducted for basic safety reasons and is a method for considerably lessening the size of trees which have got too large for their current environment. This method is in some cases employed for aesthetic reasons to mould a tree into a particularly attractive form. Trees that grow alongside roadways in Leamington Spa are often pollarded, as are those used for borders and in hedgerows. The rather harsh and naked appearance that is the result of pollarding is not at all popular with those who love trees, as it is so different from its natural state. The advantageous side of pollarding, is that trees which might otherwise need to be felled can be retained in-situ. Pollarding is routinely done on broad-leafed species like maples, horse chestnuts, beeches, planes, oaks, sycamores and limes.

Air-Spading Leamington Spa

There are a number of factors that can affect the health of your trees, and the tree's root system is one of the places to consider whenever something is worrying you. A local Leamington Spa tree surgeon may need to gain access to the root system of your tree, to be able to check for issues such as root rot or soil compaction.

Previously this was fairly difficult, due to the likelihood of root damage during the digging down process. To effectively break down and strip away compressed soil without damaging tree roots or utilities, a contemporary technique that's often used by tree surgeons is "air spading".

When the soil around a tree gets compacted by passing vehicles, building work or heavy foot traffic, the health of the tree can be affected. Due to a lack of nutrients and water, a tree can quickly become "stressed", making it more vulnerable to attacks by pests, insects and disease. Root flare problems can also be an issue, when the flare at the base of the stem becomes covered with too much soil, causing the tissue to break down, and heightening the likelihood of root decay. Air-spading is a useful technique for correcting this.

By forcing air into spaces in the soil at speeds of up to 1200mph through the use of an air-spading tool and an air compressor, the air-spading process quickly breaks down the soil without harming or damaging the tree roots. All the soil is blown away from the tree's roots by the highly powerful air flow, meaning that immediate inspection and investigation can take place. The previously compact soil can then be replaced with wood chip mulch and fertiliser to rejuvenate the tree, and resolve any problems. (Tags: Air-Spading Leamington Spa, Air-Spade Leamington Spa, Air-Spade Investigations Leamington Spa).

Coming Soon: Tree pruning Leamington Spa.

Leaving a Review

Decent online reviews are the lifeblood of any business in Leamington Spa, and having these can be the difference between a possible client choosing a certain company or picking a competitor. It's helpful for them if you can leave them a review when they have done a good job or offered a great service, and it's useful for other people as well. Both the company itself and potential future clients can gain benefits from this sharing of your first hand experience. If you think back to the techniques you used to uncover someone to do your work, you will appreciate how reading reviews helped you yourself. You might well have looked at other providers if a particular company was missing some convincing reviews and testimonials, even if their official company website appeared impressive.

Leaving a Review

But, when you are on a company's own website, how can you have confidence in the reviews? Are such reviews provided by "real" customers who were happy to recommend the services they were given, or were they written by a member of the company?

The best way to find genuine and frank reviews is to look at the the reviews on Google My Business listings. To determine a company's reputation and also influence a business's search engine ranking, many will tell you that this is THE review website. The second biggest review site for local companies in Leamington Spa is Bing Places for Business, and this is the big rival to Google My Business. You can help to improve the profile of a company that successfully worked on your tree surgery project by writing and submitting an appreciative review on one of these sites, and at the same time build a summary of the working standards and trustworthiness which they provided. Leaving reviews on Facebook and Twitter is just as effective for endorsing a company that has performed admirably. A major part of any small business's media marketing activities will include the use of these social media giants. Adding your own review should go some way to reinforcing their sales message, and can help others who are interested in similar services.

A hand-written thankyou letter is just as acceptable if you would rather go 'old school'. These could be put in a frame or gathered together to form a portfolio of reviews for face to face meetings with prospective customers, or scanned for use on their website. The reality that your positive review might have helped a small business to get more customers and gain a foothold in the local marketplace is a reward in itself.

Tree Surgery Tasks Leamington Spa

Tree Surgery Tasks Leamington Spa UK

Leamington Spa tree surgeons can usually help you with emergency tree removal, tree pest management Leamington Spa, soil terravention in Leamington Spa, tree work, hedge lowering, landscape clearing Leamington Spa, crown removal, tree surveys, woodland clearances, root pruning in Leamington Spa, tree reshaping Leamington Spa, tree fertilising Leamington Spa, fruit tree pruning, tree waste removal, shielding trees from grazing animals Leamington Spa, root decompaction, tree pruning, brush cutting services Leamington Spa, site clearance Leamington Spa, airspading, stump treatment, formative pruning, health inspections Leamington Spa, waste removal, staking, tree planning, damaged tree cutting and removal, commercial tree care, woodland management in Leamington Spa, tree bracing, dead wooding Leamington Spa, tree cutting Leamington Spa, root grinding, tree lopping, tree watering and other tree surgeon services in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. These are just a handful of the tasks that are handled by a local tree surgeon. Leamington Spa professionals will tell you about their whole range of services.

Getting Advice and Help

To make sure you hire an arborist or tree surgeon who's both competent and who will not inflict permanent damage on your precious trees, there are several questions that you need to ask when looking for a tree surgeon in Leamington Spa. These questions ought to be something like: Does your work follow the British Standard? Are you a member of a reputable professional trade organisation (such as The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? Can you provide me with an estimate in writing? Do your team and you have the appropriate qualifications and certifications (for chainsaw use and tree management)? Have you got employment and public liability insurance? Can you give references from previous customers? You ought to look elsewhere for a tree surgeon if you do not receive acceptable replies to any or all of these simple questions.

Tree Surgery Advice

To find an abundance of handy advice regarding what to look for in a decent tree surgeon, in addition to a comprehensive directory of qualified tree surgeons in the British Isles, you need to visit the Arboricultural Association (AA) site. The International Society of Arboriculture is another great resource which has a "find a tree surgeon" tool and a "verify credentials" tool. To find a basic view of tree surgery as a profession, you could have a look at the trusty old Wikipedia "Arborist" page by clicking here, or the Britannica webpage here. A Government supported organisation where you can also track down professional tradespeople including tree surgeons, comes in the form of Trustmark. With the protection of consumers at its core, Trustmark pays attention to excellent customer service, technical proficiency and exceptional trading practices.

Tree Surgery Courses - Training - Apprenticeships Leamington Spa

Tree Surgery Training - Courses - Apprenticeships Leamington Spa

For those who love the outdoors, having a job in a profession like tree surgery can be exceedingly enjoyable and rewarding. There are various ways by which you can start a career in tree surgery including gaining a tree surgery apprenticeship, taking a course in university, registering for a private course, applying for a college course or starting at the bottom (maybe as a groundworker) and working your way up. For teenagers, tree surgery apprenticeships in Leamington Spa (where available locally), can be applied for whilst they are still in school. College courses and private courses are offered all over Great Britain and are open to folks of all ages. Those with the required qualifications (normally 1 to 3 "A" levels) can go for degrees, foundation degrees and higher national diplomas at university, in any of the various related sectors such as forest management, woodland ecology & conservation, forestry, countryside management and arboriculture. Last but not least, you may be able to get some practical tree care experience by volunteering for the Tree Council, the National Trust, the Woodland Trust or the Forestry Commission, all of who quite often have positions available. If you arrived here searching for advice on "how to become a tree surgeon in Leamington Spa", with a bit of luck this brief article has proved valuable. The best place to head to learn all there is to know concerning how to become a tree surgeon is the website of the government backed National Careers Service.

Contact a Tree Surgeon Leamington Spa

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Tree Surgeons Around Leamington Spa: In Burford Mews, Chance Fields, Stanleys Court, Clarendon Street, St Johns Terrace, Bankcroft, Coningsby Close, Spruce Grove, Clarendon Avenue, Tavistock Street, Alderman Way, Swadling Street, Shrubland Street, Black Lane, Bascote Road, Springwell Road, Denby Buildings, The Old Gated Road, Seven Acre Close, Stirling Avenue, Clemens Street, Denville Road, Cobden Avenue, Turpin Court, Charlecote Gardens, Bitham Road, The Fosse, Chatsworth Gardens, Spring Lane, and in these Leamington Spa area postcodes: CV31 1JY, CV31 1LS, CV31 1AL, CV31 1PE, CV31 1JS, CV31 1EY, CV31 1NW, CV31 1DH, CV31 1EP, CV31 1FU, tree surgeons were recently engaged in tree surgery assignments. Work was executed in these places by a local tree surgeon. Leamington Spa business and home owners enjoyed the benefits of high quality and competent tree surgery services on each occasion.

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