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Shepton Mallet Tree Surgeons (BA4): Though there naturally are a number of chores that you're able to do by yourself in your garden, there are some things which must not be done if you do not know exactly what you are up to and you have the proper tools to do them safely. One job which may fall into such a category is the care of trees. Though you might think it is very easy just to lop several branches off of a tree, there is in fact far more involved than you would think. If the procedure isn't carried out at the appropriate time of the year and not done in the right way you could easily injure the trees, which might ultimately cost a lot more cash than if you'd used a knowledgeable tree surgeon from the get go. If you have taller trees on your property then you'd be irresponsible to even contemplate attempting to cut them back on your own, because, apart from everything else, you could potentially find yourself in in the emergency department of your local hospital with bone fractures or even something worse. So, your top priority should be to seek out a qualified tree surgeon in your area.

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All kinds of complications are likely to appear with trees, the most obvious being where a tree has sustained wind damage and is liable to topple over onto a road or a building. Emergency tree surgeons are called in to sort this out, and you'll have undoubtedly noticed them at work after stormy weather. However, tree surgeons are extremely versatile and can be brought in for such things as inspecting trees for disease or damage so that such issues will be resolved before they become more serious, thinning or reducing trees to allow more light into your garden, making tree maintenance or management plans to keep your trees in good condition and getting rid of old tree stumps which are causing a nuisance.

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Because when trees are involved there can be both safety and conservation factors, you should use a qualified Shepton Mallet tree surgeon for any sort of tree related tasks on your property. They must have the appropriate public liability insurance coverage in case of accidents and should really be affiliated with a relevant professional trade body such as the Arboricultural Association. It's also important that they conduct legal checks make sure that any of the affected trees aren't protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TOP's). Most good tree surgeons may also help you to tender local authority tree work applications, which are likely to take up to about two months.

It is vital that your chosen tree surgeon turns up with all of the required equipment to carry out any work safely and efficiently, because the inherent safety of your home and family is the paramount concern whenever this sort of work is going on. With all the appropriate equipment and the skills to use it properly, tree surgery can be achieved in a way that poses no threat to those nearby, or to the actual tree surgeon himself (or herself).

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The apparatus that tree surgeons use has gotten a lot more advanced in recent times, and its correct use leaves very little chance for error. The tree surgeon must however be acquainted with using stuff like chain saws, slacklines, harnesses, winches, lowering slings, wood shredders, climbing ropes, rigging plates, axes, stump grinding machines, pole saws and rigging ropes.

You need to check that your tree surgeon will ethically remove and dispose of all the waste matter from your premises once the process is completed. Properly disposing of the resulting waste materials is a duty of care for all respectable tree surgeons. It is necessary that they have a valid waste carriers licence and that the waste wood and branches are taken away from the site and dumped befittingly.

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Shepton Mallet tree surgeons do their thing all over the town, but you should not worry if you are living outside the town since they'll all be glad to travel the short distance to places such as Pilton, Charlton, South Horrington Village, Bowlish, Evercreech, Stoke St Michael, Croscombe, North Wootton, Ham, Downside, Darshill, Cranmore, Doulting, Oakhill, West Shepton etc. So, wherever in the Shepton Mallet district your house is, it is possible to acquire a reputable tree surgeon, and additionally throughout Somerset and beyond.

Tree surgeons don't just clamber up, prune and remove trees using specialized equipment and tools, they're also tasked with their preservation and protection. By means of attentive observation they're able to pinpoint possible hazards which may put the public in jeopardy. They're responsible for making certain that trees are disease-free, healthy and in a position to prosper and survive, providing enjoyment for all.

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Tree surgery is widely available in Shepton Mallet and also in: Pilton, Charlton, South Horrington Village, Bowlish, Evercreech, Stoke St Michael, Croscombe, North Wootton, Ham, Downside, Darshill, Cranmore, Doulting, Oakhill, West Shepton, and in these postcodes BA4 5ES, BA4 5JT, BA4 5GJ, BA4 4AL, BA4 5AT, BA4 4DE, BA4 4AS, BA4 5GA, BA4 4TP, BA4 5EZ. Locally based Shepton Mallet tree surgeons will probably have the telephone dialling code 01749 and the postcode BA4. Checking this out can make sure that you access a local tree surgeon. Shepton Mallet property owners will be able to utilise these and various other similar services.

For this type of assistance it's certainly advisable to use a competent local tree surgeon. Shepton Mallet homeowners can greatly benefit from the skills and dexterity that a trained professional can offer.

The Use of Chainsaws


When it comes to the tools that are used by tree surgeons in Shepton Mallet, the most commonly seen is the chainsaw. The most popular type of chainsaw with professional users is the petrol powered version, being easy to handle and more mobile, although nowadays it is possible to purchase mains operated chainsaws and rechargeable battery models. For slicing effortlessly through large trunks and limbs, petrol chainsaws are the only serious option effective option, being robust, powerful and able to deal with even the most substantial tree work.

Consisting of a rotating chain armed with a series of sharp teeth that cut through the bark and branches, a chainsaw is essentially a rather simple piece of equipment. There are also a variety of designs of chainsaw, rear-handled for working on the ground (two handed), pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning and top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated single handedly if necessary).

You'll seldom find a professional Shepton Mallet tree surgeon who does not use a chainsaw, although working at height a tree with a rapidly rotating blade in your hand is not the safest activity. In order to gain membership of the AA (Arboricultural Association), being fully trained in the safe use of chainsaws is one of the primary conditions.

The most popular brands of chainsaw used in Shepton Mallet by professional tree surgeons are Stihl, Hyundai, Makita and Husqvarna, although there are a lot of different brands and models.

Woodland Clearance Shepton Mallet

Woodland Clearance Shepton Mallet (BA4)

Clearing land by woodland clearance in the Shepton Mallet area can be impacted by local and national restrictions and regulations in force, depending on where the ground is, and what bio-diversity is found in the space to be cleared. A qualified tree surgeon contractor in Shepton Mallet will provide an all-encompassing service that will comply with all laws and covenants on the land, and will also do the clearance in an eco-friendly way.

A detailed habitat survey will be performed by a professional tree surgeon who'll also collaborate with woodland organisations and authorities to make certain that your woodland clearance is undertaken safely and legally. If it is discovered that protected plant or animal life is on the site to be cleared, it may be necessary to relocate such species, if approved by the relevant authorities.

Due to the equipment used in woodland clearance, i.e. mulching, chipping and felling machines, it is highly cost efficient to hire a certified tree surgeon to oversee the work.

Ash Dieback

A harmful fungal disease that's expected to decimate close to 80 percent of the current British ash trees, over the next few years, ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) was first reported in Britain in 2012, when a nursery imported thousands of trees from Holland. Following on from the Dutch Elm Disease catastrophe, which killed the UK's elm trees, ash dieback is set to have huge ramifications for our beloved countryside.

Ash dieback has an especially devastating effect on the native British common ash (Fraxinus excelsior), although it affects all trees of the Fraxinus genus, with varying levels of tolerance. Originating in eastern Asia, the fungus which causes the disease is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.

Readily spread by spores which can be blown for miles on the wind, ash dieback can be found in most parts of Great Britain with up to 85% mortality rates.

The recognisable symptoms of ash dieback are:

  • New growth appearing from previously dormant buds (epicormic growth).
  • Dark patches on leaves during mid to late summer.
  • Leaves that wilt, turn black and fall prematurely.
  • Leaves and new shoots that are dying during the summer.
  • The formation of lesions where branches connect to trunk.

Even ash trees that are able to fend off the infection, suffer continual attacks year after year and ultimately succumb and die. There is not yet any cure or effective treatment for chalara ash dieback, and since it's a disease that is airborne, no effective way to stop it spreading.

Although the "Tree Alert Service" provided by the Forestry Commission is currently only interested in reports of cases in new areas where ash dieback has not previously been reported, if you're anxious about an ash tree in your garden in Shepton Mallet, you should bring in a local arborist or tree surgeon to confirm that you are correct in your diagnosis and suggest an effective solution.

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Safe Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery Safety Shepton Mallet Somerset

The safety issue is one of the major considerations when having tree surgery done, given that if conducted badly it can definitely be a hazardous undertaking. Incapable or inexperienced "tree surgeons" are apt to cut corners and ignore accepted safety guidelines, meaning that there could be not using hearing or eye protection, falling branches and timber, little fall protection, in the form of harnesses, platforms and ropes, not cordoning off the area to safeguard vehicles and passers-by, inadequate head protection and failing to put on cut resistant clothing (especially trousers and boots). At risk because of these incompetencies are the tree surgeon himself (person working in the tree), nearby structures, passing and stationary vehicles, garden outbuildings and fences, pedestrians, the property owners, facilities on the street, the groundsperson, the actual tree.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Shepton Mallet

If you need to have stump grinding carried out, it is wise to hire the services of a tree surgery company having the proper equipment and knowhow. The finest Shepton Mallet tree surgeons will appreciate that every single piece of the stump needs to be removed to a depth of at least one foot. Grinding down roots and stumps fairly close to walls and structures while avoiding damage, can only be achieved if the tree surgeon has got access to the right machinery. The correct grinding machinery will also be able to cope with any obstinate stumps tucked away in alleys and passageways. Where large trees need to be taken out the stump that's left can be pretty substantial and the major roots are going to go down to a significant depth, demanding a herculean effort to deal with them them. (Tags: Stump Grinding Shepton Mallet, Stump Removal Shepton Mallet, Tree Stump Grinding Shepton Mallet)

Management of Vegetation

Vegetation Management Shepton Mallet

Tree care specialists don't only handle the care and removal of trees exclusively, they may also take care of all sorts of vegetation which might be choking your property and overtaking the whole area. Quality tree surgeons will usually be happy to remove bushes, shrubs, weeds and overgrown vegetation which may be growing near buildings, paths, driveways, patios or sheds, and causing a pain. If you are to manage your precious garden effectively then all of this unwanted growth needs to be eliminated every few months, and if you've got the time and inclination then this is undoubtedly a job that you could do by yourself if you are reasonably fit, or you could ask a local tree surgeon to call every six months or so to make sure it is looking good. The control of vegetation is crucial if you are going to have easy and safe access to all parts of your garden and if this isn't done the plants and vegetation will pretty quickly become a menace and take a lot of the enjoyment out of your garden. Besides everything else your garden will look a lot better when properly maintained. (Tags: Vegetation Management Somerset, Vegetation Control Shepton Mallet, De-Vegetation Services Somerset)

Dutch Elm Disease

A fungal disease which has wiped out millions of elm trees all around the UK over the last 50 years or more, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) is not quite as big an issue as it was previously. Unintentionally introduced into Britain from Canada in the late nineteen sixties, Dutch Elm Disease is spread by the elm bark beetle (Scolytus) and caused by the Ophiostoma novo-ulmi fungus.

Its rapid spread was ascribed mainly to elm products such as saplings, crates, bark mulch, and logs with the bark on, being transported around Great Britain. This horrific disease didn't only affect elms in the British Isles, but also ravaged tree stocks in continental Europe, North America and New Zealand. Although the origins of DED are unknown, the suspicions are that it first originated in Asia (most likely Japan).

Typically first manifesting in early summer, the recognisable symptoms of DED disease are:

  • Dark spots or rings in the cross-section of twigs.
  • Foliage that turns yellow, wilts, shrivels and falls.
  • Twigs turning into a "shepherd's crook".
  • Shoots that die back from the tip.

The chopping down of infected, dying and dead trees, has essentially eradicated the elm bark beetle's favourite habitat, and in recent years the spread of Dutch Elm Disease has been slowed. The propagation of young trees that have so far proved resistant to DED is now being undertaken.

If you have elms on your property in Shepton Mallet, and are suspicious that they might be afflicted with Dutch Elm Disease, you should get in touch with your local tree surgeon for guidance, or ask for a diagnosis from the Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service (THDAS).

Trees affected - Ulmus and Zelkova.

Agent of spread - beetles of the Scolytus genera.

Cause - fungi Ophiostoma Novo-Ulmi & Ophiostoma Ulmi.

Wood Chipping Shepton Mallet

Wood Chipping Shepton Mallet

So as to process the large amount of tree limbs, branches and vegetation that are generated by their work, most Shepton Mallet tree surgeons will use wood chipping machines. These powerful wood chipping systems can gobble up as much as forty tons of material every hour, depending on the equipment being used, although the smaller, more frequently used devices will process around 5 tons each hour.

In addition to providing a useful material that can be put to a number of uses including; mushroom cultivation, weed prevention, landscaping, mulch, garden walkways, biomass solid fuel, ecosystem restoration and wood pulp, chopping down the tree limbs in this way makes them much easier to transport.

If you decide that you'd like to hang on to some of the wood chippings that result from your tree surgery project, most Shepton Mallet tree surgeons will happily let you keep them. If you've got no use for them, they will take them away for use on other assignments, or appropriately dispose of them. Whether you need tree surgery or not, you'll appreciate that tree surgeons are the best source for wood chippings that you can use throughout your garden in Shepton Mallet. Wood chippings are often available from tree surgeons for free, although if you need them to be delivered there might be a fee.

Forst, T-Mech, Timberwolf and Forest Master, are among the most popular brands of wood chipping equipment.

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Leaving a Review for a Job Well Done

When push comes to shove, reviews are the lifeblood of any business in Shepton Mallet, and having great reviews can mean the difference between securing a potential consumer or watching them go to a competitor for their services. You may wish to make an effort to thank someone who has done a decent job, by leaving a review of their performance and workmanship. Sharing your first hand knowledge in this manner can help both the company itself and any prospective customers in the future. Consider when you were trying to find someone to do your tree surgery work and how positive or negative reviews helped you decide. It doesn't matter how good a tree surgeon's website may look, without those decent reviews you might well have looked somewhere else.

Leaving a Review

However, when you're on a business's own website, exactly how much trust can be placed on so called customer reviews that are displayed? They might have been "cooked up" by a company employee, aiming to get more leads, or were they written by genuine clients?

A great way to look for sincere and authentic reviews of any individual company or service in Shepton Mallet is to head over to Google My Business reviews, which are much more likely to be trustworthy. This is the review website that's trusted by millions of people to establish company reputations, and can affect their position in the search engines too. Bing Places for Business is another review site that you could try when posting reviews for local services and businesses in Shepton Mallet, and is the key rival to Google My Business, holding 2nd place in the reviews sector. Helping to enhance the profile of the company that successfully worked on your tree surgery project, leaving a good review here can additionally build an overview of their reliability and working standards. Just as effective is posting testimonials on Twitter and Facebook relating to your company. Most small companies in Shepton Mallet will rely heavily on these social media sites for their advertising strategy. Their marketing message will be reinforced by your supportive reviews and you have offered recommendations to neighbours and friends who are interested in services of a similar nature, this will give them a kick off point for their hunt for the right company.

Even in these high-tech, modern times, an 'old school' hand-written thankyou letter is still appropriate. Letters such as this can be framed for display in reception areas, compiled to build a review portfolio which is useful in face to face meetings with potential customers, or photographed and published on the reviews page of the company's website or Facebook account. The incentive for you is the wonderful feeling that you get, knowing that you have in some small way helped a local business gain credibility in a highly competitive marketplace and with a little luck gain more customers.

Tree Surgery Tasks Shepton Mallet

Tree Surgery Tasks Shepton Mallet UK

Shepton Mallet tree surgeons will likely help with cabling, crown thinning, tree reduction, woodchipping in Shepton Mallet, woodland management in Shepton Mallet, tree lightening protection in Shepton Mallet, crown cleaning, hedge trimming, crown lifting Shepton Mallet, crown reduction, tree work, arboriculture Shepton Mallet, hedge planting, hedge lowering, tree waste removal, tree health monitoring, staking, root flare exposure, coppicing, pest control, tree bracing, retrenchment pruning, tree pollarding, tree removal, woodland clearances, landscape clearance, residential tree surgery, dead wood removal, stump treatment, tree surveys, shrub maintenance, tree pruning, tree felling, hedge reduction, fruit tree pruning and other tree surgeon services in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. These are just a selection of the duties that are undertaken by a local tree surgeon. Shepton Mallet specialists will keep you informed about their entire range of services.

Latest Tree Surgery Projects

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Mr Kaelan Glynn in Peasedown St John needs somebody who will remove a really big pine tree ASAP. Mrs Nelly Steel was wanting to get a price quote from a tree surgeon in Brympton who can carry out some after winter tree and hedge pruning in the garden of her home. Mr and Mrs James need somebody who will completely remove a conifer and an oak tree, and chop back a few other conifer trees in their garden in Yatton. Buster Porter was trying to get an insurance quote from a tree surgeon in Spaxton to chop back four conifers and remove all the waste in the garden of his cottage. In Wrington, Somerset Mrs Aimee Oconnor needs a tree surgeon to remove about six conifers with diameters of 150mm to 200mm. Osman Wallis was in search of a tree surgeon to do the pollarding of a few trees along a path in his garden in Shepton Mallet. Mr and Mrs Hatton are hunting for a tree specialist who'll prune an apple tree in the garden of their bungalow in St Georges. Tyrese Kirk from Chard asked "is there a professional tree surgeon near me?".

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Around Somerset you will additionally find: West Monkton tree management, Banwell tree care, Bathford tree surgeons, Winscombe tree surgeons, Whitchurch tree surgeon, Newbridge tree management, Long Sutton tree care, Brent Knoll tree surgeon, Catcott tree surgeon, Rockwell Green tree surgeons, Bathford tree care services, St Georges tree care services, Street tree management, Street tree care, Shipham tree surgery, Stratton on the Fosse tree management, Cannington tree surgeons, Creech St Michael tree surgeons, Creech St Michael tree care, Yeovilton tree care services, Pensford tree care services, Nailsea tree care services, Chew Magna tree care, Pill tree care services, Kingston St Mary tree surgeons, Rode tree care services, Highbridge tree surgery, East Coker tree surgeons, Bishops Lydeard tree care services, Misterton tree surgery. All around the Somerset region you should be able to track down tree surgeons who will provide various services for all your tree care requirements. If you cannot find the perfect tree surgeon in Shepton Mallet itself you should be able to uncover a good one close by.

Tree Surgeons Near Shepton Mallet: Also find: Bowlish tree surgeons, Downside tree surgeons, Pilton tree surgeons, South Horrington Village tree surgeons, North Wootton tree surgeons, Cranmore tree surgeons, Croscombe tree surgeons, Charlton tree surgeons, Ham tree surgeons, Stoke St Michael tree surgeons, Darshill tree surgeons, Evercreech tree surgeons, Doulting tree surgeons, West Shepton tree surgeons, Oakhill here. All these locations are covered by a professional tree surgeon. Shepton Mallet homeowners can get tree surgery estimates by clicking here.

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Tree Surgeons Around Shepton Mallet: Tree surgeons were recently carrying out work in the following Shepton Mallet locations: Middleton Lane, Westfield, Wells Road, Old Wells Road, Blandford Road, Compton Close, Steven's Close, Bishop Crescent, Monmouth Road, Compton Corner, Peter Street, Buckland Road, James Close, Westway Lane, Fosse Lane, Kingsland Road, Queen's Road, Hyatt Place, Gold Hill, Whitstone Road, Douglas Drive, Bollnas Close, Barrington Place, Church Lane, Misburg Close, Whiting Close, and in homes and businesses with these postcodes: BA4 5ES, BA4 5JT, BA4 5GJ, BA4 4AL, BA4 5AT, BA4 4DE, BA4 4AS, BA4 5GA, BA4 4TP, BA4 5EZ. These locations recently saw activity by a qualified tree surgeon. Shepton Mallet business and home owners received professional and dependable tree surgery services in every case.

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