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Gateshead Tree Surgeons (NE8): We all like to see trees, and having trees growing in our garden is an additional bonus for providing a home for wildlife, for offering pleasant shade on a hot summers day and for adding beauty and colour. But, to balance out the good things about trees, there are also drawbacks. Trees can get damaged by wind and storms. Trees can become much too huge for our gardens in Gateshead. Trees can get diseased and unstable. When you're having concerns about your trees in Gateshead, the person to contact is a tree surgeon.

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Who you gonna call? Tree surgeons! - Playing a vital role in the maintenance and general care of trees, tree surgeons offer their expert services to both domestic and commercial clients in the Gateshead area. A qualified tree surgeon in Gateshead will provide the pruning of weakened, dead or intrusive branches, safe tree planting, tree felling and removal, inspections and hazard assessments, together with general tree care, to name just a few examples.

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However, a tree surgeon's work doesn't end with trees alone. Further duties of a tree surgeon in Gateshead may include hedge pruning and maintenance, stump removal and shrub care. If you've got any worries about a tree's structural integrity, the best tradesperson to hire is a tree surgeon, as they can effectively appraise and prepare a report on possible threats, and offer advice on what should be done next.

Tree surgery is a hugely dangerous business and definitely a process that should only be tackled by an expert. Though forgoing the costs and choosing the DIY approach may seem tempting, this would definitely not be a smart decision by any stretch of the imagination. Tree surgeons have to be qualified, physically fit and experienced to undertake the work that they do.

Working at height is invariably hazardous, and using dangerous power tools while high up in the air and harnessed to a tree is of course no exception. This is most certainly not an activity for a beginner! Tree surgery work is also usually performed by a team of experienced tree surgeons, including a ground team and climbers, who are all specialists in their field. It is virtually impossible for any untrained individual to rival this level of experience, risk assessment and competence to execute the work.

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When you have made up your mind that you need the assistance of a professional tree surgeon in Gateshead, you will have to take steps to find a good one. But, how should this be done? Well, a couple of things will have to be checked, such as how much it will cost and what qualifications they have. Below we have summarized some handy tips for acquiring the best Gateshead tree surgeon to deal with your trees.

To reassure you they are competent and properly trained, you firstly need to ensure that they have the right qualifications. The main governing body that issues qualifications to tree surgeons is the NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council). Any competent tree surgeon in Gateshead should have the following certifications as a bare minimum requirement:

  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw crosscutting and maintenance.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing & aerial rescue.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell and process trees up to 380mm (15 inches).
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques.

While there isn't any legal requirement for a tree surgeon to gain such qualifications, if you are able to hire one that does, it demonstrates that they have had the right training to successfully and safely accomplish the job. Due to the risks of falling from height and catastrophic bleeding, forestry workers, arborists and tree surgeons should always carry a comprehensive First Aid kit and have some basic First Aid training.

Next, check the exact breakdown of costs and ask three or four tree surgeons in Gateshead to get different estimates for the work. Disposal costs for the considerable amount of waste that's often produced by tree surgery, will sometimes not be included in your quotation. It is certainly better to have the tree surgeons remove this themselves if you can, because removing such waste can be very inconvenient and costly.

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When you speak to potential tree surgeons in Gateshead, you must also be prepared to ask lots of key questions. By way of example, you need to understand who is going to be coming onto your property and who is going to be doing the actual work. Is it going to be one tree surgeon or a whole crew of workers? Can you meet up with them before they start? What is the timescale for the work? Are my home or my neighbours likely to be impacted? What method are going to be used for removing or dealing with the tree?

Don't be afraid to ask all these questions, since the more you ask, the less likely it is that there are going to be any nasty surprises later on.

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Last of all, listen closely to your tree surgeon. Pay special attention to the ways in which they describe the work they are intending to undertake, because this can provide you with useful clues as to their level of experience. If the expression 'topping and lopping' comes up in the conversation, it is recommended that you look for another tree surgeon, because this is a somewhat outdated phrase, which reveals a distinct absence of modern tree surgery knowledge. A fully trained, professional and experienced tree surgeon in Gateshead should be using the correct terminology such as 'dead wooding', 'pruning', 'crown reduction', 'thinning' and 'crown lifting'. While this may not always be a sign of ability, it is often a useful clue concerning the level of expertise held by your tree surgeon.

To conclude, it is always worthwhile to consult several different tree surgeons in Gateshead in relation to any potential tree surgery or tree maintenance requirements you might have. This should help you in finding the best tradesperson for the job, and one who will make certain all your requirements are fully met in a timely manner, with safe practices as a top priority.

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Local Gateshead tree surgery services will most likely have the postcode NE8 and the telephone dialling code 0191. They will operate in Gateshead itself, together with nearby areas such as Springwell, Wrekenton, Bensham, Felling, High Felling, Heworth, Eighton Banks, Harlow Green, Dunston Hill, Sheriff Hill, Pelaw, Saltwell, Deckham, High Fell, Mount Pleasant, Windy Nook, and these postcodes: NE10 0QL, NE10 0AR, NE10 0DG, NE10 0BN, NE10 0AY, NE10 0PT, NE10 0JR, NE10 0ST, NE10 0HE, NE10 0NX. Checking this out will ensure you're accessing a local tree surgeon. Gateshead home and business owners can utilise these and various other tree related services.

If you need this kind of service it is unquestionably better to hire a competent tree surgeon. Gateshead home and business owners can greatly benefit from the expertise that a seasoned professional can offer.

Tree Transplanting Gateshead

Tree Transplanting Gateshead (0191)

Excavating a mature tree and transplanting it in another location may sound tricky, but with powerful, modern lifting equipment and truck mounted spades, it has become a fairly simple task. Removing a tree from your property does not have to involve chopping it down and excavating the roots; a professional tree moving company in Gateshead can remove and re-plant even adult trees and repair the ground afterwards.

Transplanting a tree in Gateshead causes less stress to the roots and health of the tree in the autumn and winter, but it can be achieved during the warmer summer season by soaking the ground thoroughly before removal. To raise a tree from the soil a truck based mechanical spade is forced down into the dirt to encompass the tree's root ball, before lifting the whole tree free. The uplifted tree can then be stored temporarily before its re-planting in a new location.

Even protected trees can be moved and transplanted by a certified tree moving contractor in Gateshead, providing all appropriate preservation orders and authorisations are given by the authorities and woodland organisations. It should be possible to obtain transplanting specialists in Springwell, Wrekenton, Bensham, Felling, High Felling, Heworth, Eighton Banks, Harlow Green, Dunston Hill, Sheriff Hill, Pelaw, Saltwell, Deckham, High Fell, Mount Pleasant, Windy Nook, and Gateshead itself. (Tags: Tree Transplanting Gateshead, Tree Replanting Gateshead, Tree Moving Gateshead).

Regular Duties of a Tree Surgeon

  • Clean up site upon completion and fulfil removal of waste product from client's site.
  • Fell and remove trees and grind stumps.
  • Evaluate tree health and treatments.
  • Tree planting and transplanting.
  • Be proficient with power tools and powered equipment.
  • Produce tree survey reports for both commercial and domestic clients.
  • Cut and chip logs and branches.
  • Produce telephone or on-site quotes for customers.
  • Service equipment like wood chippers and chainsaws.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches as required.
  • Establish hazards presented by trees.
  • Deal with customers and complete administration tasks.

Skills and Knowledge Necessary for a Tree Surgeon in Gateshead

  • The ability to work efficiently with others.
  • Good knowledge of public safety and security.
  • Be able to work with your hands.
  • Have a systematic and methodical way of working.
  • Have the ability to maintain, repair and use tools and equipment.
  • Be professional and able to complete tasks within a set time frame.
  • Physical skills like movement and coordination.
  • Be patient and have the ability to stay calm in times of stress.
  • Good customer skills.
  • Have essential computer skills and know how to accomplish tasks with handheld devices.
  • Be conscious of the dangers and complexities involved with the various aspects of work.


Tree Surgery Safety Gateshead

Tree surgery can be a hazardous procedure if conducted in the wrong way, so one of the main worries is the health and safety aspect. There are plenty of factors that may lead to damage or injury if the "tradesmen" doing the tree surgery are inexperienced or incapable. Some of the most typical worries are neglecting to cordon-off the area to protect pedestrians and vehicles, little fall protection, in the form of platforms, ropes and harnesses, no head protection, failure to use cut resistant clothing (in particular boots and leggings), falling timber and branches and not putting on eye or hearing protection. At risk owing to this type of incompetence are the home owners, team members working on the ground, passers by, the street facilities, the actual tree itself, the property or home, passing and parked vehicles, fences and garden outbuildings, the tree surgeon (person working in the tree).

Hedge Trimming Gateshead

Hedge Trimming Gateshead

Although tree surgeons in Gateshead are primarily involved with the care and maintenance of trees they are also frequently called on to trim and cut back hedges. In particular this is useful if you have conifer hedges (Leylandii for example) which will often grow too high for a homeowner or regular gardener to cope with.

When uncared for or poorly maintained a hedge can quickly get out of control and overgrown. Regular clipping is recommended if you don't want a hedge to overrun large areas of your garden in Gateshead, and as well as making the hedge stronger and healthier it will also make it more visually appealing.

You can help make your entire garden look tidier by neatly clipping your hedges. And if you're planning to sell your property in the forseeable future, tidy hedges may even add to its value.

Chainsaws in Tree Surgery


Arguably the most common tool used by Gateshead tree surgeons, the chainsaw, in unskilled hands, is also the most dangerous. The most popular type of chainsaw with professionals is the petrol driven version, being easy to handle and more portable, although it's possible to purchase rechargeable battery chainsaws and mains operated ones. For slicing through thick limbs and tree trunks, petrol driven chainsaws are the only real option effective option, being extremely powerful and able to deal with even the most substantial of tree work.

Essentially, a chainsaw is composed of a motor-driven chain which has a set of razor-sharp teeth for slicing through bark and wood. Chainsaws are also available in different styles, each having a specific use - rear-handled for working on the ground (must be used with two hands), top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated single handedly if necessary) and pole saws for long distance pruning and hard to reach branches.

Although it's not the safest thing to be carrying up a tree, it is fairly rare to find an experienced Gateshead tree surgeon who does not use a chainsaw more or less every day. Being trained in the safe use of chainsaws is a primary requirement for any tree surgeon, and is essential before they can even be considered for membership of the Arboricultural Association (AA) or the ISA.

For any individual interested in purchasing a chainsaw in the United Kingdom, there are countless brands and models to choose from, but the most popular with specialist tree surgeons are Hyundai, Stihl, Makita and Husqvarna.

Cable Bracing Gateshead

When a tree presents a risk to nearby passers-by or property, or if it is showing warning signs of decay or damage, the tree may be offered extra support using a method known as cable bracing. Where the wish is to avoid felling a tree or removing large, unstable sections, because the tree is valuable or old, cable bracing can be the perfect solution.

A cable bracing system can be useful for supporting any V-shaped forks, weak limbs and poor joints that may be an issue. Through the fitting of rods and cables most Gateshead tree surgeons will be prepared to alleviate structural stress and prolong the lifespan of old and specimen trees using various kinds of bracing work.

Cable bracing does not cause damage to the tree by drilling and bolting the branches, and provides a shock-absorbing and flexible means of support that is basically non-invasive. Before any cable bracing work can begin, a comprehensive risk risk assessment should be carried out to guarantee the safety of the tree and encircling areas.

Dutch Elm Disease

Devastating tree stocks and killing many millions of elm trees throughout the United Kingdom over the past 50 years or more, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) isn't so prevalent now, as it previously was. Caused by the fungus Ophiostoma novo-ulmi which is spread by the elm bark beetle, Dutch Elm Disease (DED) was introduced into the British Isles inadvertently in the late 1960s from Canada.

Its swift spread was primarily down to to elm products such as crates, mulching bark, saplings, and logs with the bark on, being transported around the United Kingdom. It was not just the UK that was affected by this horrific disease, because the stocks of elm trees were also decimated in mainland Europe and North America.

Typically first manifesting in early summer, the main signs of Dutch Elm Disease disease are:

  • Twigs turning into a "shepherd's crook".
  • Twigs with spots or rings in cross-section.
  • Clusters of leaves that turn yellow, wilt and fall.
  • New shoots dying back from the tips.

The spread of Dutch Elm Disease has been dramatically slowed by the felling of infected, dying and dead trees, which has essentially removed the favourite habitat of the beetle. New plants have also been successfully propagated from trees that have proved to be resistant so far.

If you have suspicions you might have infected elm trees in your garden in Gateshead, you can ask for a diagnosis from the Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service, or contact your local tree surgeon for advice.

Trees of the genera Ulmcae and Zelkova are affected.

Vectors - small beetles of the Scolytus and Hylorgopinus genera.

Cause - fungi Ophiostoma Novo-Ulmi & Ophiostoma Ulmi.

(Tags: Spotting Dutch Elm Disease, Dutch Elm Disease Signs, Dutch Elm Disease Gateshead).

Eco-Plugging Gateshead

The common procedure that is used for removing tree stumps by most Gateshead tree surgeons is stump grinding. There is however a less expensive alternative to this process nowadays, which is termed "eco-plugging", and this is growing ever more popular. Not only is this method less costly, but it can also be used where there are stump grinding accessibility problems, such as in hard-to-reach and awkward locations.

Without affecting the surrounding trees and vegetation, eco-plugging is an incredibly effective treatment for eliminating tree stumps. Eco-plugs eliminate a stump by killing off the entire root system, and can be put to use in any weather, and during any season of the year. Containing a kind of granular glyphosate herbicide which is effective on a variety of tree species, eco-plugs work in 95-100% of cases. (Tags: Eco-Plugs Gateshead, Eco-Plug Stump Treatment Gateshead, Eco-Plugging Tree Stumps Gateshead, Eco-Plugging Gateshead).

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Latest Tree Surgery Projects

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Mr and Mrs Clough are looking for a tree specialist who can completely remove a conifer and a willow tree, and cut back a few other conifer trees in their garden in Cleadon. Mrs Eva Dunne was trying to track down a tree surgeon who can do a bit of after winter hedge and tree pruning in her garden in Boldon Colliery. In Fence Houses, Tyne and Wear Ms Aurelia Ford needs a tree surgeon who can carry out some stump grinding to do away with four massive pine stumps. Mrs Scarlett Muir in Forest Hall, Tyne and Wear needs somebody who's prepared to remove and dispose of a 30ft monkey puzzle tree. In Brunswick, Tyne and Wear, Hadi and Ashley Cassidy are trying to find someone who can prune an acacia tree that has overgrown a neighbours garden. In Lamesley, Grayson and Ela Dougal are in search of somebody to do some hedge cutting and shrub trimming. In Ryton, Floyd and Daniella Batty are trying to find someone who will prune their cherry tree. Mr and Mrs Jeffery are searching for someone to chop back a 30m run of beech hedge to a controllable height in their garden in Forest Hall.

Tree Surgery Tasks Gateshead

Tree Surgery Tasks Gateshead UK

Gateshead tree surgeons can normally help you with drop crotching, root pruning in Gateshead, tree felling, crown cleaning in Gateshead, hazard assessments, tree cutting in Gateshead, woodland management, tree transplanting, tree replanting in Gateshead, crown thinning in Gateshead, fruit tree pruning in Gateshead, tree staking, tree waste removal, tree topping, damaged tree cutting and removal, arboriculture, hedge trimming, root grinding, hedge laying, tree pollarding, cable bracing, domestic tree care, crown raising, tree care, tree bracing in Gateshead, eco plug treatments, stump removal, tree lopping, tree planning, waste removal, stump grinding in Gateshead, pest control in Gateshead, tree inspections, tree dismantling, emergency tree surgery and other tree surgeon services in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. These are just an example of the duties that are accomplished by a tree surgeon. Gateshead specialists will be happy to tell you about their full range of services.

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Tree Surgeons Around Gateshead: Over the last few months, people in the following Gateshead streets have sent in enquiries about tree surgery: Scafell Gardens, Belmont Terrace, Crossfield Park, Cameron Walk, Tarlton Crescent, Bensham Court, Adelaide Court, Briermede Avenue, Southend Terrace, Coxon Terrace, Tiverton Gardens, Brockwade, Stoneygate Lane, Bradbury Close, Belle Vue Bank, Shipley Court, Trimdon Grove, Ashtrees Gardens, Armstrong Street, Deneford, Brandling Court, Sidmouth Road, Coronation Cottages, Sheriffs Close, The Plantation, The Crescent, Colegate West, Bensham Avenue, Barford Court, Brandywell, and also in these nearby postcodes NE10 0QL, NE10 0AR, NE10 0DG, NE10 0BN, NE10 0AY, NE10 0PT, NE10 0JR, NE10 0ST, NE10 0HE, NE10 0NX. These areas recently saw activity by a qualified tree surgeon. Gateshead home and business owners benefited from trusted and dependable tree surgery services on each occasion.

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